Sunday, December 25, 2011

Culinaria L'amore by Infatuated

Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction

 "Kirsten, you have some batter on your mouth." He mutters softly, his gaze not moving from my lips. I can feel my heart flutter under my apron, and as I stare into his grey eyes surrounded by the long eyelashes I adore, I swear I see something like hunger in his eyes. Hunger for something other than food.
Kirsten Bellini thought she had her whole life planned out. After graduating high school, she planned on remaining a chef at her father's restaurant, L'amore, amd maybe, just maybe, fall in love if she found the right man. Garrett Bianchi didn't care what would happen in his life. He only knew one thing for certain. Somehow, he would find a way out of teaching in his father's famous culinary institute, The Bianchi Culinary Institute.
But everything goes off course for these two when Kirsten's father dies in a freak car accident and the two meet, one as the pupil, one as the teacher. As their relationship grows stronger, will they find a love stronger than the love of food or in the end, will only life's dreams get in the way?
This story contains every emotion. Love, angst, seduction, innocence, bewilderness, and more. Come explore the world of this story, with Kirsten and Garrett as your guide.
**Entered in the Watty Awards 2012**

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