Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dark Legion: The Wolf Prince by L. M. Luvaine

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal

 The Dark Legion is everything that was before Humanity and still is alongside, watching from their thrones. Worshiped and feared as gods in many places across the globe, they rule this world just as they always have: Demons on top, Humans on bottom. But this balance will begin to shift with the birth of one certain Demon...

Young Amarok Shesh'Uva, the second-born Wolf Prince of Saguenay, has no idea in what way his choices will shape the future. He doesn't care, either. He has only heard of the other Legion Territories, and his education of other Demons is pretty much only the tundra-living locals. But when his cousin comes for a visit, Amarok soon finds his life shred apart as he's cast out from Saguenay - finding out just how different the world outside the Legion really is.

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